All throughout La Quinta and surrounding cities are master planned communities.  Although many of the homes look great once you visit them, you’ll find a glaring theme.  They look exceedingly alike.  In fact, if you were to tour them, as many interior decorators do, you’d see that the key differences between them are how they are decorated.

Some falsely believe that living in a home that is exceptionally decorated requires a large financial footprint.  This is not only wholly untrue, but it is also easy to debunk.  Within this 4-part blog series, we’ll share 10 tips of how interior designers create eye-catching spaces without breaking the bank.  At Paper Doll Interiors, we help clients reinvent their home’s design in practical ways.

Crown Molding

Once you view homes with and without crown molding, you’ll notice that the later tends to appear simple.  The absence of the molding makes the ceiling-to-wall transition less appealing to the eye.  Even in smaller spaces, crown molding provides a feeling of luxury and class.  It is often found that the wider trims of crowns exude more effect to the transition.  While crown molding can range in expense, it is not difficult to find a selection that matches your budget and desired style.

Wall Color

Your choice of wall color will have an effect on the rest of the items of your interior design.  Hence, it is best to consider a few colors for the foundation of your décor.  When people think of wall color, often the first concept involves paint.  Although this is “one” option, it is not the only “one”.  Another choice is wall coverings.  Much has been accomplished in the science and technology of wallpaper that presents homeowners with a nearly unlimited amount of designs.  Additionally, wall coverings are highly affordable and durable.

Read part 2 of this series for the next two tips.

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