Is your home ready for an update in 2021? Or are you moving into a home and want to change things up?

After 2020, it may be time to update your home’s atmosphere! This may be especially helpful if you’re working from home in the upcoming months. So, why not try out 2021’s color trends?

You may notice a trend in the following colors: relaxation and restoration. These colors include warm tones as well as soft natural tones. Where will you add these tones to your home this year?

Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year

In late 2020, Pantone released their colors of the year! Instead of a single color for 2021, these two work together to create a balanced vision for the year ahead.

Ultimate Grey

This color is neutral and dependable. It was chosen for its comforting vibe.

Ultimate Grey will not disappoint as a kitchen color trend or as an accent wall in a lighter room of your house. If you don’t want to commit to this color for your entire room, try adding it to several smaller items in your room for a pulled-together, modern look.


The other 2021 Color of the Year is the perfect counterpart to Ultimate Grey. Illuminating is a cheery, sunny yellow that represents hope and a brighter future.

This color is quickly rising in kitchen color trends as a fun pop of color on cabinets or with yellow appliances. For a surprising peek of color, paint your barstool legs with Illuminating!

Natural Tones

Natural tones are great for cozy rooms with lots of light. Who said you can’t bring the outdoors in?


Use this fresh hue when you’re dreaming of your next tropical vacation! This color works great in an otherwise neutral room, making the aqua the center point.

To use aqua in your space, try out an aqua fabric love seat in your sitting room. Or, grab an aqua duvet cover for an even bolder look.

Forest Green

This color is always a crowd-pleaser and almost never disappoints! Be sure to use this color in a room with lots of lighting like your kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

To use forest green in your kitchen, try wall paint. Or, find forest green tiles for a bold backsplash.

Rich Tones

Want to feel like royalty in your home? Try these rich tones to liven up your home office or bedroom!

Urbane Bronze

Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year is deep, dark, and moody.

Try incorporating this modern color:

  • as an accent color in your bedroom
  • on a frame around a bathroom mirror
  • on the front door
  • as a new color on your desk

You’ll want to use this new year color trend in a room with lots of light!


This warm color is perfect in any room in your home. It pairs well with any furniture you already own, including wicker, wood, or leather.

Try paprika on soft surfaces like accent pillows and blankets.

Ready to Try 2021’s Hottest Color Trends?

From seaside to desert vibes, 2021 color trends came to make your life happier and more stylish! Be sure to incorporate these hues into your decor in 2021.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our unique home accessories and bedding for ideas.