At Paper Doll Interiors, we feature a wide array of interior décor accessories.  One that we love to help our customers to utilize is the mirror.  Mirrors are functional and fashionable.  However, there are several ways to use mirrors to create exciting and even intriguing interior design accents.

Statement Mirrors

If you are considering adding a mirror to a room, don’t imagine that you have to stay within a specific scheme.  When you think of a mirror, do imagines of square or round mirrors come to mind? If so, it is time to think outside the box.  There are several alternatives to the shape and style of mirrors that may imagine.  We have hundreds of options of mirrors that have nothing to do with the common square or rectangular-shaped mirrors.

Oversized Floor Mirrors

Large floor mirrors can provide wonders for a room’s décor.  First, the reflection given by the size of the mirror gives an optical illusion of a wider area.  Second, an oversized floor mirror is easier to use for dressing.  Third, the added real estate of the mirror allows you to alter lighting effects for a room.

Mirrors As Wall Décor

Adding mirrors as accents to walls can improve the effect of wall art, lighting, and other decorations in a room.  For instance, using identically shaped mirrors on either side of a painting can add depth to the image.  Alternatively, placing a large mirror on a wall across from a work of art can draw attention to it or give it another appearance altogether.  We’ve used mirrors to illuminate parts of rooms, play with natural light, and spotlight décor centerpieces.

A skilled interior designer can do things with mirrors that you may think impossible.  Are you ready to see what can be for your home or business?  Give our team a call or visit us at our store.

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