Sometimes you need a quick interior décor fix.  Nothing extensive.  Nothing expensive.  We get it!  Working with people from all backgrounds and décor situations, Paper Doll Interiors knows all about quick fixes.  Below are four quick tips that can change the aura of a room fast.

Create a Focal Wall

Want to infuse some color to a room?  Change a single wall’s color.  Choose anything from a soft blending color to a bold contrasting one.  Another alternative is to add texture to the wall with wallpaper.  If you choose this route, you can use a variety of lighting techniques for wallpaper.  A single wall decorated with a different color via paint or wallpaper can create a striking new appearance to any room.  Either option is not expensive.

Coffee Table Updates

A simple trick to change the look of your living room is to decorate the coffee table.  The table naturally is a focal point.  The way you accessorize the table can bring a room together in subtle ways.  Items like decorative trays, candles holders, vases, or even an artistic map can become accents to the room.

Pillows and Slipcovers

Never underestimate the power of new pillows.  Delightfully place pillows on couches and seats please the eyes as well as improve comfort.  When selecting them, think outside the box.  Try different arrangements in size, shape, and color.  If you have pillows that are in good shape, why not dress them up in different slipcovers.  The right slipcovers can help to pull a theme together like a season, holiday, or special occasion.

Make A Gallery Wall

Bland walls are boring.  If you have a collection of pictures or art, why not make a professional looking gallery wall.  With a few nice picture frames, you can make a wall stand out and tell a story.  Will you tell a story of your travels, your family’s special moments, an accomplish wall or an artful expression of your view of the world?

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