Homeowners have decorated the walls of their homes with wallpaper for centuries. Back in 105 B.C.E., a Chinese ruler had his palace walls covered with it. Although, we probably wouldn’t recognize the mixture of linen, hemp, bamboo fibers, and mulberry bark.

Thanks to innovation and modern technology, modern wallpapers are faster to apply and much more user friendly. These wallpaper ideas are modern and fresh to give your home a simple wallpaper update.

1. Ombre Wall Coverings

Look for wallpaper that has a gentle transitional fade from one color to another. This is called ombre. You may have seen it done as a popular hair coloring technique.

When it comes to wallpaper, it can give your room color without it being overwhelming. Think a serene darker hewed blue at the top that fades out to lighter blue towards the middle. Then it transitions to a warm rose gold color at the bottom.

Ombre wallpaper adds color, warmth, and modern style to your room.

2. Large Scale Prints

If you have a large wall or spacious room, then you need a wallpaper with a print to match. A small print on a large wall will be repeated too many times and end up looking overwhelming and busy.

Large scale prints will look more like a work of art or holistic scene. It could have large watercolor splashes. Or it could have a handful of large florals. For a modern take on traditional patterns, you could look for a large print damask or scrollwork.

3. Faux Wood Paneling

Wood paneling can create beautiful walls, but it also requires a lot of work. Thankfully, there’s another less labor-intensive option. You can now apply wallpaper that looks like wood paneling.

Look for a wallpaper company that creates realistic looking wood and a low repeating pattern for the wood design. This will help it to look as real as possible.

4. Geometrics

Modern interior design trends embrace geometrics with full force. You’ll find them in fixtures, textiles, and even furniture. So it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to find geometric patterned wallpaper.

This type of wallpaper does best on accent walls. The bold pattern will be overwhelming to use throughout the room. Look for one with colors that are complementary to the rest of the room’s decor.

The geometric scale also needs to be in proportion to the size of the wall. A larger pattern will look more abstract, while a smaller pattern will look more like traditional wallpaper.

Try These Simple Wallpaper Ideas

These four modern simple trendy wall covering ideas will breathe life into your home. You could opt for a gentle and subtle color change with an ombre. Or you could go bold with a large print or geometric pattern.

Whatever wallpaper you choose should enhance the look of your room. Think about the color, design, and size of the pattern. Then decide between one feature wall or wallpapering the entire room.

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