You’re eager to customize your space. However, coming up with ideas can be challenging, especially when everything looks great at a glance.

But don’t worry! Here are five interior design concepts to satisfy your creative side so you can transform your space into something even better.

1. Space

The first interior design concept mentioned here is the space concept—space, as in outer space.

The night sky teaches us a lot about interior design. People travel to remote spots just to see this amazing masterpiece. Some take the time to learn the constellations and study them.

This makes space a great example of a successful design. These principles could be applied to your home

Think of it this way: Like a pendant to its necklace, so the stars are to space.

Interestingly, there is more darkness to be seen than spots of light. But ironically, this darkness is what makes each of the little lights stand out.

So what does this mean for your interior design?

Find ways to minimize clutter and showcase your most beautiful decorations in a way that complements the room. For example, you could try a wall hanging basket to free up clutter from the ground and seek vertical organizers if you don’t have enough room for things to look neat on shelves.

2. Forest

The next principle of design is the forest principle. For example, the way the light sprinkles through the trees and the dew on the grass in the mornings.

Applying the forest principles to home design means to think about the big picture. What can you do to enhance your whole space?

An example to consider would be curtains. Ensure you value the light potential for your home.

3. Intangible

One of the most effective interior design principles is the intangible. This may seem ironic when the design is often focused on what is seen. However, just because your eyes can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not important. For example, gravity is important.

The intangible principle focuses on the cleanliness of your home. Clean your doorknobs often to give you peace of mind and satisfaction knowing that they’re just as clean as they appear to be.

4. Friendliness

The friendliness principle is important to your house design because it brings warmth and positivity.

Consider filling your walls with positive quotes and meaningful pictures to complement your theme.

5. Customization

Overall, the customization concept is essential to house design because it makes your design unique and authentic.

Think about the things that make you smile and find ways to incorporate that into your interior design.

Interior Design Concepts to Transform Your Rooms

You may already have a great space, but there are still plenty of ways to make it even more creative and unique.

Make sure to consider these interior design concepts so you can make your spaces the best they can be.

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