Interior design in 2016 has been excited for new set of trendy colors, which were announced at the end of last year. Most excitingly, ivory white took the spotlight in creating gentle, elegant rooms that boast luxury in a new way.

We no longer need gold and glossy items to feel the high quality in furniture, wallpaper, and window treatment. Let the beige and the white do the talking in each categories:


To bounce daylight at maximum, ivory and clear white wallpapers reflect light beams better than the warm beige family. The white family offers great printed patterns that add activities and dimensions to the wall. In small spaces, it is best to pick ones with pattern designs no bigger than 5”, and in silver or grey so they do not catch too much of the eyes’ attention, which could create discomfort on the long run.  In large spaces such as a recreational room or a living room, the sky is the limit. Although, small patterns might be itchy to some people.

Window Treatment

Windows are one of the ways the inside connect with outside and sometimes white is not a smart choice because they tend to transfer dirty air into the rooms. We all prefer a warmer tone such as the mocha brown, mauve, or beige as window curtains. These schemes pair with gold tie-backs perfectly for a warm, elegantly basic home decorations.


White vases have been the new classic in modern Asian homes for a while, because they can match with any type of flowers and leaves. You can show off your ikebana (flower arrangement in Japanese) skills with mostly any white vase in our collection.


Keep the brown and spring them up with some bold shades. This year’s boldness falls into the cool side such as deep ocean blue and emerald. Even this year’s coral has cool undertone.