This year the design world turns heads to deeper shades of colors for accent and statement concept. We will see a lot more sights of deep ocean blue, deep navy blue, deep emerald, to deep brown, deep marsala, wine red, and so on.

These colors represent richness and mystery, which draws attention as well as curiosity from visitors and owners, yet they do not give you the headache the same way as the bright, neon group does. Adding a deep emerald wallpaper on the wall, the room transforms into a billion-dollar design.  Although, dark wall should only be considered in large living room, recreational room, or a cozy bedroom.

new-designs-2016If you would love a bedroom with an accent wall that sooth you to sweet dreams at night, these deep shades will do the job. Pick ones on the cooler side. The deep brown, marsala, or wine red fits a room that has many activities because they will warm up the energy inside the space. While the cool deep colors in bedroom remind your body and mind of night time, your biology clock can actually kick in to bring you to resting state. Deep lilacs and purples continue to be the hit in the design world. Remember when these shades were the color of royalty? They still glam the space up like a royal treatment as if time did not move an inch. These are the colors for adventurous homeowners who might want to give their powder room or the hallway some empowerment. Accessories and furniture in deep purples both contribute to giving the space a character.

On the other hand, deep colors add weight on to window treatment even in the brightest room so be very careful when picking out new curtain design. In some cases, if they are the only deep ones in the room, they become great accent pieces. Feel free to explore in-depth with the help of a few consultations with a professional designer before making the decision.