Fall is a season of changes.  The weather changes, a new school year begins, and we enter into the biggest holiday seasons of the year.  Many households throughout Coachella Valley have a marked increase in visits from friends, family, workmates, and associates during the last quarter of the year.  Hence, if you are décor orientated, it only makes sense that you would make a considerable effort to raise the bar of your home’s décor during Fall.

Paper Doll Interiors maintains a vast selection of affordable décor items at our warehouse.  We also give our customer access to our 20+ years of interior decorating experience in-store and via this blog.  Below are a few tips that may be helpful for your Fall décor transformation.

Using Colors To Create Distinction

Many think that Fall colors have to be within the brown, orange, and black ranges.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  By using a color wheel, you can mix and match a deep field of earthy tones.  Keep in mind that earthy tones vary greatly and can be useful for vast color infusions or subtle accents.  Much depends on how you approach your décor transformation project.

If you have an idea from magazine or website images, bring them in when you visit us.  Also, bring in pictures of your current décor if you would like to get assistance.  We can show you several items that can work within your desired scheme.

Bold & Accenting Items

Have you thought of using new décor items to spice up your living spaces?  Whether you are thinking of something bold or subtle, we have several items useful for décor that suit tastes of various types.   Even the same items can be used in different ways, which gives you an endless supply of possibilities.

Are you interested in creating a new look for your home or business?  Give us a visit.

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