An often-overlooked skill in selecting wallpaper is the use of light.  Natural and artificial light can create subtle and dramatic effects on the appearance of wallpaper.  Our team at Paper Doll Interiors has worked with thousands of home designs that incorporate wallpaper in every room imaginable.  Below are a few thoughts that might prove helpful in making the best use of natural light for wall coverings.  So get your compass (or smartphone compass app) out and take a look at some of the rooms around your home.

North Facing Room

The challenge of north-facing rooms is the lack of natural light that saturated the room.  However, you may be able to take advantage of this situation.  Low natural light makes for excellent intimate settings.  The more relaxed feel of the light entering a northern room does wonders for darker hues.  Try utilizing wallpaper that has dark tones or compliments darker furniture in the room.

East Facing Room

The light of eastern-facing rooms have, in the opinion of most, natural light that changes the most.  In the morning, east rooms can be the brightest in your home, but as dawn descends they can take on a gloomy appearance.  Interestingly, colors like blue and green are invigorated by bright sunlight and retain vibrancy in the evening sun.

South Facing Room

Perhaps on the most balanced of all the rooms in your home, southern-facing rooms retain light for the majority of the day.  These areas give you the most room (pun intended) for a choice of cool or warm wallpaper colors.  If you want to maximize sunlight’s effect on colors, southern rooms are a great place to experiment with a variety of wallpaper designs.

West Facing Room

West rooms are simply perfect for any spectrum of white and other neutral hues.  Since western-facing rooms will have fading sunlight, bright colors work well in the west.  When in doubt just think beach colors.

Of course, there are no fixed rules particularly when artificial lighting is well-situated.

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