When envisioning your home’s interior design, it is easy to focus on creating a beautiful arrangement.  Nearly everyone appreciates beauty.  A common pitfall that many fall victim to is forgetting to incorporate comfort and functionality into the design.  A beautiful arrangement will likely remain that way if it is comfortable for the homeowner and their family.  The design also needs to fit the lifestyle of the individuals within the home.  Without these two characteristics, you will likely find yourself being frustrated by the design and rearranging things often.

Let’s cover a few tips to help you merge comfort, functionality, and beauty.

Think About The People In Your Home

Are you single or do you have family living within your home?  How you answer will have a great effect on how you plan your interior design.  For example, furniture layout and the type of décor chosen will be quite different for a childless couple than that of a family of five.  Similarly, a highly active person will likely require a different interior design than someone who lives more of a relaxed lifestyle.

Once you take stock of the users of your home, you‘ll look at various aspects of your home with fresh understanding.  Looking at the home’s total living area, the size of rooms and the layout from this perspective will give you better ideas about how to design in a functional yet comfortable manner.

Executing the Design

Even after you determine where you would like to arrange things, you may find it hard to determine which “things” to get.  Many of our customers arrive at our warehouse with a vague idea of what they want.  If you are in this position, it is perfectly fine.  Sometimes you know what you don’t want, and after seeing several items, you can begin to narrow down your ideal design.

At Paper Doll Interiors we feature a large selection of accessories, bedding, furnishing, wall coverings, window coverings, and window treatments.  Feel free to browse through our store and ask as many questions as you like.

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