pastel-2016In the fashion and beauty world, pastel colors have been their favorite lately. While in designing homes, they most likely will be used in baby’s room. These colors are soft and pleasant to the eyes; therefore, we tend to think they suit the eyes of the babies who need to gradually adjust to light bouncing off colors.

But it is not always the case. Since the pastel colors can bounce off light better than the dark ones, and they give off personality as much as other shades, they can turn any living room chic and fun.

Have you tried pastel blue family in a small living room? Imagine every wall is covered in a soft white wallpaper with a tint of blue, and the window shades are in the famous Serenity. Lights would love to come by and reflect all around the room, expanding the room’s size so you don’t feel too restrained in small spaces. The cool tints of pastel blue let air also come in, breezing through your hair to keep the stressed soul at its most relaxing moments. Let the sofa and armchairs join the fun with blue woven upholstery, and bright lime throw pillow. If you are lucky to have wood framed furniture, the room is perfectly complete. Unless, add wood or a copper sculpture to the coffee table or display shelf above the fireplace to balance between elements running inside the room.

Rose Quartz and its pastel pink cousins might not create the same effect unless you pair them with gold and silver. While considering pink on the wall, think also of gold framed mirror, painting, or décor pieces as they complement each other like feminine and classy. On the other hand, pastel pinks paired with dark, deep shades such as black, brown, and blue give an urban twist. Both combinations work well in various spaces regardless of size.