bedding accesories Palm Springs, CaliforniaWhen you live in Coachella Valley, chances are you have friends that would love to visit. Showing hospitality to your overnight guests goes beyond just being a good host. Making your guest comfortable begins with ensuring that their room is relaxing and well arranged. Do you have an extra room that is aspiring to be the perfect guest room? No worries! Here are a few idea that will transform nearly any extra bedroom into a superb guest room.

Get Rid of Clutter

No matter how clean a room actually is, clutter will make it seem uninviting. Clean open spaces, surfaces, and closets make guest feel like they are welcome. Therefore, remove any clutter that makes the room look lived in. When guest enter a clutter free room they will feel more at home, especially when they are trying to get settled.
Include the Right Amenities
An extra chair for reading, working, or relaxing can add functionality and flair to your guestroom. If the room is large enough, think about including a small desk, a night lamp, a small library of interesting reads, and a flat screen TV. When a guest room has an array of amenities, guest feel more relaxed to keep a schedule that is more suited to their tastes.

Blankets, Pillows, and Towels

Furnish your guest room with a number of blankets and towels. Hardly anyone likes to ask for towels, pillows, and blankets especially when they are staying with friends. Save them the trouble. Filling your guest room with these things will show your guest that they will be well cared for.
You can always go the extra mile by adding little special touches to our guest room. Candles, incense, fragrant soaps, and fresh floral arrangements can bring a special aura to a room. If you need a professional to help you to design a color scheme or to create a unique theme for your guestroom, give us a call.

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