motorized shade installation Palm DesertFive Reasons To Go Motorized

Motors add to convenience to life. From cars to home appliances, motors make things easier for us. Hence, it is easy to understand why motorized items have become so popular. Yet, is there really a good reason for blinds to be motorized? Yes, there are! Let’s look at 5 excellent reason to consider motorized blinds for your home.

Windows Hard to Reach

Do you have tall ceilings with high windows or a set of second story windows? On high windows, manual blinds require long cords that must be treated carefully to avoid tangles or twists. They also are not pleasant to gaze upon. Motorized blinds make easy work of adjusting high window blinds. Additionally, you can adjust upstairs blinds without making the trek.

Furniture Blocking Blinds

Another hard to reach area for blinds are ones that are tuck away behind your furniture. Moving a couch, table, or other item every time you need to lower or raise blinds can be quite a hassle. Usually, people give up and leave these blinds in a stationary position. With a click of the remote control, motorized blinds can allow you access to the window without moving your furniture.

Child & Pet Safety

Traditional blind cords are a strangulation hazard for small kids and your pets. Motorized blinds eliminate this danger from your home.

Physically Challenged

Injuries, age, and other issues can cause difficulties in our ability to handle tasks. Motorized blinds allow nearly anyone to be able to enjoy lower or raised blinds. This could come in handy if you have seniors or others who may be dealing with physical problems.

Numerous Windows

If you have a number of windows, you know first hands how time consuming it could be to adjust these blinds daily. Motorized blinds are equipped with remote systems that enable users to adjust a single or multiple blinds at once. Need a particular direction of the house shaded or lightened by sunlight? Motorized blind systems allow users to tackle that task with a touch of a button.

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