Sometimes it can be difficult to relinquish all the inessentials and declutter your home.  However, the results are often quite refreshing and leave a home with an aura of openness.  Are you seeking to get the feel and look of the minimalist in your home’s décor?  If so, we have 5 techniques to share with you!

Monochromatic Black & White

The monochromatic colors black and white are quite powerful.  In the color spectrum black absorbs all colors while white reflects them.  When carefully paired together, black and white produces an effect that many find soothing.  Interior designers have often utilized monochromatic schemes effectively to give an illusion of space and sophistication.

Accentuate With Color

While neutral colors are staples in the minimalist movement, adding a splash of color at times infuses coziness and life to the décor.  The trick is to do this sparingly.  Hence, it is best to use bold colors only as accents to a neutral color scheme.

Make A Statement In Your Decor

Just because the minimalist style uses fewer decorative pieces doesn’t mean that style should be lacking.  By properly selecting and arranging unique furnishings, you can make the most of a minimalist look.  Whether you are seeking a family or industrial feel, choose your essential room furnishings carefully so that each piece catches the eye.

Bring Out The Positive In Negative Spaces

Areas that remain empty are known as negative space.  Instead of falling into the trap of filling that space with something, try this designer’s trick.  Use negative space to draw attention to something else.  For instance, a large empty area could have an outstandingly eclectic piece of art nearby or across an opposing wall.  When this is done, the space creates a calmness and forces the eye to give attention elsewhere.

Are you having problems decluttering your décor or can’t envision how to approach your minimalist project?  Give Paper Doll Interiors a call!  We have continually assisted home and business owners in Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and La Quinta, California with the latest trends in minimalist interior design.

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