One of the questions that we are often asked is: “What are some ideas that may help the look of my home?”  A lot of it depends on the size, shape, and other specifics about your décor.  However, there are design principles that work for nearly every situation and can be applied accordingly.  Paper Doll Interiors presents four interior design tips that can take your home décor to another level.

Create a Focal Point In a Room

Living rooms, dining rooms, and other areas that frequent guest can benefit from a highlighted focal point.  There are several ways to accomplish this.  For instance, a captivating framed image on a wall could create an awesome focal point.  Sometimes using lighting to accentuate it is a great idea.  Another concept is the use of a unique art piece or item (perhaps on a table).  We’ve seen home designers make use of family heirlooms or travel collections that mesmerize the eye.

Indoor Flora

A plant that is large or a series of smaller plants can inject an organic feel into an otherwise mechanical room.  If you have earthy décor, plants can add credibility to the scenery.  However, even industrial setups can benefit from the life that plants give to an area.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Vibrant Color

Splashes of color via decorative accessories or an entire wall color change will alter the aura of a room (an even the entire home).  This can be good!  So often people are timid when trying bright, vibrant colors that attract attention.  Test out what a splash of color can door for a room—you might get addicted!

Create More Open Space

Making a home cozy doesn’t mean stuffing it full of items.  Clean, open spaces are refreshing and relaxing to the eye and body.  If you find that room is full of stuff, try taking some of it out ant rearranging it to create spacious walkways.


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