We spend an enormous amounts of time sleeping during our lifetime.  With such a time investment, shouldn’t your bed be comfortable and beautiful?  We think so!  If you feel the same, take a look at some of the ideas below that can give your bed a personal touch

Upholstered Headboards

upholstered-headboardsIntroducing color to your bed is easy to do with an upholstered headboard.  When you choose a particular color or pattern, you’ll set the color base for your bed.  This will enable you to make quicker decisions about the color and style of bedding that will complement the headboard.  Often interior designers will choose a headboard color that meshes well with the overall color scheme of the entire bedroom.  Keep in mind that upholstered headboards can be custom made to fit nearly any color scheme that you may have in mind.

Memorialize Your Bed With A Monogram

Nothing personalizes your bed like monogrammed pillow cases and throws.  These ideas work well for young and old alike.  For babies, monogrammed pillows and blankets are great memorabilia that can be kept and passed along.  For adults, monogrammed bedding pieces can range from initials to family crests.

Matching Bedding and Room Accessories

matching-beddingBuilding a theme throughout your bedroom is possible by tying in the same fabrics and designs.  You can go with light similarities in accessories or include a full spectrum to create a particular aura in your bedroom.

With the seemingly endless options available in modern bedding, choosing a particular style could be a lengthy experience.  To save time and energy it may be best to work with a professional interior designer who can help you to pick out the perfect style.  Whether you want something simple or a full bedroom theme, a professional can steer you in the right direction and often has access to be best bedding manufacturers in the business.