We heard a lot of the past 40 years about home décor.  However, two of the reoccurring myths is that you need a large budget and must engage in a full-scale effort to change the look of your home.  While some home interior firms may push these theories, the reality is that it is not valid.  At Paper Doll Interiors, we keep in stock a comprehensive array of home décor items.  What is more, we can show you ways that simples changes transform your home’s décor.  Below are a few concepts.

Think About Windows Covers and Treatments

If you have a room with one or more windows, a change of guard may be in order.  We’ve surprised many a client by showing them how much a room’s appearance is altered by window treatments.  You can lighten a room by choosing sheer curtains and shades.  Alternatively, you can darken a room by adding heavier drapery or by utilizing opaque blinds.  Whichever decision you prefer, take the time to investigate a variety of styles.  Be bold and try new looks.  A small focus on your windows can result in an enormous difference.

Small Wall Changes, Big Décor Differences

When was the last time you changed a room’s wall décor?  Don’t’ fall into the trap of thinking that you have to do something to every wall in a given room.  One will do.  You can hang a piece of art, decorate with wallpaper, or change the color of a single wall.  Once you try this, you may find it quite exhilarating and decide to accomplish similar feats throughout your home.

Paper Doll Interiors has been using small inspiration ideas to make significant differences in home decorating projects. We can make your home come alive with a new and fresh look. To learn more about home decorating techniques contact us.

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