Do you want more natural light, privacy, or style? These are all things to consider when choosing window coverings. (P.S. It’s okay if you answered yes to all three!)

We can help you find harmony between your need for light and your sense of style.

Read our post on window treatment ideas and prepare to let the sun in (or keep it out) and compliment your home’s décor.

What Do You Love?

Do you default to white curtains because they’re easier? Sure, white goes with every design style, but don’t pick white simply because it’s the easiest choice.

Think about what you love when it comes to home décor. Get lost in a home fashion magazine or on a website. Make note of what design trends tickle your fancy.

Step outside of your comfort zone for a minute and imagine a splash of color or an interesting pattern on your windows. A little variety goes a long way toward personalizing and changing how a room feels.

Blinds or Shades?

Speaking of color, have you seen the latest trends in blinds and shades? Many designers are using vibrant hues and patterns.

Blinds and shades, while made of different materials, offer the best of both worlds to someone who wants light and privacy.

They don’t shroud the entire window coverage like drapes, but they do give you ample coverage. With a tug of a cord, you can let more light in, or keep it out. Choose from bamboo blinds, roller shades, Venetian blinds, or roman shades.

The Traditional Look of Curtains and Drapes

When you want a more traditional window treatment, go with curtains, or their heavier partner, drapes. You’ll find them both in an endless array of colors, patterns, and fabrics. and add soft texture and style to your space.

Some of our favorite fabrics for curtains and drapes this year are linen, silk, and velvet.

With its lightweight feel and glossy finish, silk curtains are perfect for a luxurious, contemporary space. Velvet adds soft texture and a hint of glamour without feeling obtrusive. Crisp linen curtains lend a clean, modern touch.

Window Treatment Ideas for a Layered Look

Layering window treatments gives you the most control over light and privacy while adding texture and dimension to a room.

Try a combination of stationary curtain panels, sheers, and blinds. You enjoy a little privacy, unobstructed natural light, or complete privacy.

Use layers to protect you and your furnishings from the desert sun. Neutral panels, woven shade, and a solar screen make a practical, but beautiful window treatment.

Ready for a New Look?

Window coverings are such versatile design elements. You’ll easily accommodate your need for light and privacy while complementing the style of your home.

If, after looking at the plethora of window treatment ideas, you end up choosing white curtains, you can always add color or texture with layering.

Ready to update your home’s décor? Come visit us!