feng-shuiMaintaining positive energy in your home along with a clean atmosphere does not as much work as one might expect if the design is optimized.  With smart interior design and an eye for details, feng shui is achievable.  Here are a few tips and tricks that may prove useful.

Position Matters

Sometimes you need to re-position furniture and re-decorate rooms with new items to invite new energy into the home. These kinds of energy will help change your mood and attitude, thus help change your fate in life. Experiment and look for inspirations from blogs and Pinterest to find the one that could invite the most positive energy in.

Take notice of the movement and flow in the house.  If you find yourself bumping into things, being stopped, being cornered between furniture, it is time to change. The rule is simple, if you cannot move freely, neither can the energy. Clean and open spaces make the cleaning job easier as well.

Open shelves are hidden décor beauties and you can show off your great collection of any sort. But they invite dust that can wear off displayed items fast. Keep them as minimal as possible or display everything else behind glass cabinet doors.

Awkward cabinets shorter than ceiling height might trap good energy as it flows throughout the house, let alone how much dusts gather above them each day. To avoid such dead corners, add customized cabinets up to ceiling to add more storage and display, and direct the energy away from such areas.

If you decide to use paint or wallpaper, make sure the paint is glossy or that the wallpaper is durable. Easy maintenance with such products results in nice, clean wall, with positive energy dancing and bouncing off there to you.

Last but not least, popping a bit of accent color brings up the atmosphere, as well as attracts sunlight in for a brighter home every day.