Once you’ve found the wallpaper of your dreams, the next part of the equation is to get it on the wall.  The first challenge that you will face is knowing how much wallpaper to order.  When customers come into Paper Doll Interiors, one question that we are frequently asked is: “How do I measure for wallpaper?”  Here is a brief answer.

Quick Tips for Measuring

Every room differs, so taking accurate measurements and recording them is vital to your wall décor project.  You will need to measure the length and width of each wall you plan to cover.  Creating a diagram of each room may be helpful, particularly if you are going to wallpaper several rooms.

  • Get a tape measure along with an assistant to hold one end of the tape measure.
  • Measure the length and width of each wall including any doors or windows which obviously will not be papered.

Even if you order a bit more wallpaper than you need, it will be better than not ordering enough.  To understand why, let’s get an understanding of wallpaper batches.

Wallpaper Manufacturing Batches

Wallpaper manufacturers make their product in batches.  It is likely that each batch will have slight variations.  These variations may include changes in hue and pattern setting.  Hence, if you order less than the needed wallpaper, it could be challenging to find a new batch that completely matches yours.

Ordering a bit more wallpaper also comes in handy to account for any errors in applying the it to the wall.  With that in mind when you order, it is recommended to order at least 10% more wallpaper than you need.  Also, you should note that any unopened rolls of wallpaper can be returned free of charge.

Do you need help with you wallpaper order or have additional question?  Give our team a call, we are always available to help.

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