When you approach a window treatment change one of the first hurdles that you face is which type to use.  There are several at our store, and surely you’ll want an idea in mind before you cover our 6,000 sq. ft. property.  Therefore Paper Doll Interiors presents this first part of a 3-part blog covering 12 options for window treatments.

Roman Shades

Although Roman shades have an appealing look of drapery, they are quite functional.  Hence, they are one of the more popular choices of window treatments.  Each shade is comprised of a single fabric piece which is neatly folded horizontally at even intervals.  Romans shades are perfect solutions for:

  • Shallow windows or french doors
  • Interior décor that would benefit from a softer look on windows


No window treatment compares to the architectural style of shutters.  As an alternative to fabric window treatments, shutters offer an array of distinct advantages.  One key selling point of shutters rest in their worth.  Properly installed shutters add value to residential properties.  Other reasons why shutters are appealing include:

  • Ease of cleaning (great advantage to allergy sufferers)
  • Provides full shading of outdoor light
  • Insulates cold, heat and noise

Solar Shades

Acting similarly to sunglasses, solar shades enable you to maintain an outdoor view while controlling the amount of light entering your home.  These window treatments are effective in reducing sun glare and blocking UV rays.  If you choose solar shades you’ll need to decide on a level of ‘openness’, which is an industry term describing the amount of light diffused. The color of the shade will also have a great impact on the aura of the room.

Wood Blinds

If you like a more natural feel, then you can’t go wrong with wooden blinds.  Like shutters, wood blinds offer complete privacy and are considered an investment.  With wood blinds, you can choose virtually any shade of natural wood or any color since they can be painted over (many manufacturers offer them pre-painted as well).  These window treatments are excellent for those who want:

  • A highly durable blind to serve for many years
  • Wood accents that match wooden furnishings
  • Simple cleaning


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