What do Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, and Marilyn Monroe all have in common? They all owned homes in beautiful Palm Springs. Palm Springs has long been known as an oasis to the rich and famous. It is also known as an epicenter for mid-century modern design.

Both the exterior architecture and interior design in Palm Springs have shaped modern design trends throughout history. 2021 is no different and here are the top Palm Springs interior design trends to watch out for in 2021.

Functionality and Durability

2020 suddenly brought much more time spent at home. Bedrooms were converted to home offices and kitchen corners into virtual classrooms. This new found need for functionality in home spaces has shaped interior design trends for 2021.

Creating functional and durable spaces does not mean it needs to look utilitarian and unattractive. Using desert modern elements found in iconic Palm Springs home decor is a perfect way to brighten up workspaces while retaining their usability.

Add a mid-century area rug with geometric prints under your office chair. Carve out a desk area in the kitchen by adding a sleek modern chair to a side counter to save space and add instant functionality.

Bring on the Color

Pops of bright color have long been a mainstay in Palm Springs decorating style. Neutral colors like tan and grey are moving over to make room for more color in 2021.

Vibrant colors including pink, yellow, green, and blue are all projected to be popular choices in 2021. Consider unique ways to add pops of color throughout the home including pillows, planters and vases, artwork, and eclectic pieces of brightly colored furniture.

Bits of Nostalgia

Palm Springs home decor is famous for modern lines and unique retro pieces reminiscent of mid-century design. Incorporating nostalgic pieces from previous eras is projected to be an interior design trend of 2021.

Many are expected to crave familiarity and simplicity after recent unprecedented events. This can translate into selecting nostalgic furniture and accessories. The uncluttered, minimalist feel of Palm Springs mid-century inspired decor is a perfect choice to achieve this nostalgic look and feel.

Spice Up Those Walls

Textured and decorative wall coverings have become even more popular heading into 2021. As video calls have become a necessity, having an attractive wall backdrop is something to consider adding to the home.

Mid-century modern prints on wall coverings make a stylish statement and dress up any space. Spice up an accent wall behind the computer or in the dining room and instantly refresh the room.

Crave More Palm Springs Interior Design Ideas?

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