Florida may be nicknamed the Sunshine State, but California gets plenty throughout the year.  During summer, we get an overabundance of intensified sunrays.  Those rays can cause a significant amount of damage to your décor, floors, furniture, and walls.  Below are some tips to help you protect and prevent your interior décor from sun damage.  But first, let’s understand how and why the sun is dangerous to your home’s décor.

A Look At Sun Damage

Sun damaged furniture, wallpaper, and flooring is easy to spot.  The discoloration, fabric damage, and color fading are quite distinct.  As global warming increases so do the chances of sun damage items increases.  Why?  The graph below provides some insight.

UVA and UVB light produces about 50% of the damage occurring to your home items.  About 25% of sunlight damage comes from visible light.  The remaining 25% comes from heat/infrared radiation which is increasing with higher temperatures from global warming.

Using Window Covers & Treatments for Protection

At Paper Doll Interiors, we recommend all types of window coverings for decorative purposes.  Nevertheless, each of the window coverings that we offer provides different levels of protection.  Here are few:

Blinds.  Traditional blinds can minimize the amount of sunlight entering your home.  With a twist of the blinds angling, sun rays can be blocked.

Curtains.  Fabric curtains can serve as a buffer to sun damage.  Since they are relatively inexpensive to replace, curtains are a good option especially if you are looking to upgrade your décor.

Draperies.  These heavier window treatments can completely shade rooms from sun exposure.  Drapes are thicker than curtains and tend to last longer than curtains.

Shades.  Some shades like Honeycomb shades are engineered to reduce light and heat exposure from rooms.  If you are into reducing your utility bills and improving your décor while protecting your interior design, shades are the way to go.

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