A beautiful home is more than just a nice lawn and a polished paint job. The outside is important, but the inside is where the home really shines. When homeowners set out to update their home’s look, they often focus on simple aesthetics like new picture frames, a vase of flowers here and there, and perhaps a new carpet. While these can be great additions that really tie a room together, what can really make a home pop are the right pieces of furniture, unique upholstery, and gorgeous wall coverings. Here is how to update your home using these great options without breaking the bank.

Desert Style: Furniture and Upholstery in Coachella Valley

custom furniture and upholstery Palm SpringsCoachella Valley is known for its ample sunshine and widespread landscapes where the jewel blue sky meets the golden desert sands. The color palette of this setting is remarkably beautiful, and can be used as a template for the colors in your home. You can breathe new life into your favorite furniture pieces by choosing high quality but well priced upholstery services that will transform your tried and true pieces into stylish new home fixtures. Choose from different designs, textures, and styles to give your furniture the look and color you’re dreaming of. If, however, upholstery is not your first choice, you can look into custom built furniture that will completely embody your personal aesthetic.

Interior Transformations: Wall Coverings to Refresh a Room

wallpaper Palm Springs, CaliforniaPaint and wallpaper can work wonders on a room, but imagine how much your home can transform with unique wall coverings. Wall coverings can be fabric, paper, or textured surfaces such as wood, marble, metal, tile, and much more. Wall coverings are a simple way to give a home a look of sophistication and grace that is entirely inspired by you. They give the home a sensory element that is both intriguing and aesthetically pleasing to both you and your guests. In addition to these coverings, well-placed accessories can provide that final touch of style to a room that ties everything together.

Added Tip

Interior Design and decorations can be executed by mixing different medias. Playing with textures, colors, and fabrics are a simple way to give a room the feel and look you want without being bogged down by matching or coordinating. The best designs come from the biggest imaginations!