Selecting the right window treatments for your home can be challenging. While you may just think about them as a simple way to get privacy or control the natural lighting, they do play a major role in your home’s overall design and appearance.
You can make a transformation of your space using something as simple as window treatments. You can create a cozy bedroom hideaway, a beautiful and peaceful nursery for baby’s naptime or a colorful and exciting living room. There are more options for your windows than ever before, so the process can be more challenging than you ever imagined. Moreover, with the advances in technology, practically any window treatment can be motorized. If you have questions or need help looking over your next window treatment redesign, call Paper Doll Interiors. We can show you a wide range of options for your home. (760)-565-5689

Curtains and Drapes

Whether you are looking for something fun or formal, you can find what you are seeking with the right help. Curtains and drapes are the unsung heroes of interior design. Whether you are in need of heavy light blocking or a romantic look that lets in a light breeze, you can find the right product.
If you are interested in saving energy, select a curtain that is heavy or lined rather than something that is light or sheer. If you have pets or children, you may want to choose a material that is easier to clean, such as cotton or rayon.

Things to consider:

  • Color
  • Fabric
  • Hardware Needed to Mount
  • Window Shape and Size

To select the right window treatment, you need to take all the room’s decor into consideration first. With the proper consideration, you can choose a window treatment that will serve you well and for a longer period.


Panels look best on larger windows and are ideal for sliding glass doors, French doors or larger windows especially in dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

Thermal or Black-Out Drapes

These do exactly as the name implies, they block lighting and improve energy efficiency.


While these are light and airy and work well to let in a breeze, they are now available in a variety of colors so they can match any décor.
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