Color affects mood.  How our eyes perceive spectrums of white light appeals to us in different ways.  Interior home designers use colors to evoke certain emotions.  You don’t have to be a professional to do the same.  At the 6,000 square foot warehouse of Paper Doll Interiors, we assist clients with home décor.  Are you looking to change a few color schemes in your home during the upcoming Spring?  We have a few colors that may jumpstart your creativity in mind.

Pastel Pink

When inserted into a room at the right quantity, pastel pink can set the mood for Spring.  The color has a cool warmth that invites life and works very well with other light colors.  Another highlight of pastel pink is its playful nature with natural sunlight.  If you want to make a big splash with pink, try an accent wall within a room.


After a long spell of fall and winter colors, an insertion of yellow can brighten any room.  Yellow hues demand attention which is why they work well as accents within a given area.  While too much yellow can be as overbearing as the sun, the right touch can provide a springtime aura.

Deep Green

Although darker than the other colors listed, green generally represents life in nature.  Having green within a springtime design can tone down the more vibrant colors and give a relaxing feeling.

Bright White

Whites are universal and can balance out any color.  Whites also can be useful as a dominant color-particularly with walls.  As one of the most versatile colors, white’s brighter hues are a crowd favorite for Spring redecoration projects.  We always recommend white along with the above colors.

Are you ready for Spring?  We are!  This year couple your Great Spring Clean with fresh decor at Paper Doll Interior

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