The Design Is In the Details

If you have ever attended a wedding, gala, reunion, or any other special event, most likely you paid attention to the tiniest details in your dress and grooming. Why? Well…details matter! They tell a lot about your personality, status, thinking and style.
The same is true concerning your home’s decor.
Whenever you approach an interior design project, it is best to give thought to the details. There are a few principles to consider before you attempt to redecorate.

Every Decision Affects the Next One

Before you put a room together, it is necessary to have a conceptual design either in mind or on paper (preferably the latter). Often when the concept is missing, changes come along the way that negatively impact previously made purchases and arrangements. This usually results in never-ending redesign projects that end up in frustration. Consequently, a pre-design will help you to stay the course and make decisions that are congruent with each other.

A good interior designer can help by finding out:

  • What can be utilized that is already in your decor?
  • What specific items are superfluous to your desired look?
  • Which items to procure to achieve the desired style and flow of the room?
  • Is it necessary to remodel to acquire what you envision?

Formulate a Sound Budget

If you have no budget constraint, skip this section. For everyone else, it is critical to count the cost before you make decor decision. This is again why a pre-design and a professional is extremely helpful. Often achieving an astounding redesign centers on how you make wise use of your budget. This is one of the details that is habitually overlooked.

Go From Big To Small

Sometimes individuals get fixated on the adorable small things before making the big decisions. This could be a time waster. First, focus on the things that will make the most impact on the room. Usually this will be the ceiling, floor, and walls. Next, consider the lighting. Even the most exquisitely designed room can be unappreciated if the lighting is awful. As you get these things accomplished it will be much easier to determine how the smaller accessories will fit into the overall picture.

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