Elsie de Wolfe published the first interior design book in 1913. Since then, interior designs have changed a lot, but learning about the trends of 2021 will keep you updated.

In the 1930s, a magazine called Interior Design and Decoration first coined the term “Interior Designer.” Although the interior design profession has emerged fairly recently, it has the power to transform your space into a comfortable home.

You spend a lot of time inside. Educating yourself about the interior design trends of 2021 will make you enjoy spending time at home more than ever.

Here are some of the latest interior design trends that’ll be hot in 2021:


Cottagecore is a popular aesthetic online, which is how it became one of the most current interior design trends. The aesthetic revolves around imagining cottage life in the rural countryside.

It’s a simple, mellow, and somewhat whimsical style that’s easy to accomplish.

Think greenery, gingham, and fine ribbon/lace details. Decorate your room with fake vines to create a natural vibe. Placing gingham throw pillows on your bed is one of the many luxurious bedroom decor tips that work with cottagecore.

Speaking of greenery, here’s another cottagecore-friendly interior design trend:

House Plants

House plants have always been around, but their recent surge in popularity makes them one of the new interior design trends to watch out for. They freshen the air in your room while making your space feel like an extension of nature.

Always research a house plant before purchasing it. This will tell you whether or not the plant is pet-friendly and how often to water it.

Be mindful of the conditions a house plant needs to thrive. If your home doesn’t get much access to light, get a plant that’ll grow in partial to full shade.

Creative Wall Coverings

Experimental wallpaper is en vogue for the onset of 2021. People are moving away from traditional colors and closer toward creative wallcovering trends.

For instance, ombre is one of the latest interior design color trends. This wallcovering has a gentle transitional fade from one color to another. It gives a colorful yet serene quality to a room.

Faux wood paneling involves covering a wall with faux wooden panels. This covering trend goes super well with the cottagecore theme.

Look into the other types of trendy wall coverings out there. They could transform your space into a paradise.


Now that people are spending more time at home, they want more privacy. That’s why blinds will be one of the hottest home interior design trends of 2021.

To be fair, blind and shutters will both be all the rage in 2021. However, blinds offer maximum privacy for minimal effort. At Paper Doll Interior, both standard and custom blinds are available, so don’t be shy!

Welcome the New Year With Hot Interior Design Trends

The oldest known mattress in existence is at least 77,000 years old. Knowing about the hottest interior design trends will keep your space current and comfortable.

By the way, “old” is in. Vintage-style furniture and decor will also be popular in 2021.

Revamp your room—explore our wallcovering options and services. It’ll improve your living space more than anything else will.