At Paper Dolls Interiors, we tend to focus on home interiors and décor.  We’ve covered tips about window treatments, wallpaper, interior design trends, and a slew of other topics.  Nevertheless, during the holiday season saving space becomes an important topic, especially if you are trying to keep your home organized while you have guests.  One room that is typically a haven for storage is the garage.

Keeping the garage organized and clean is usually an ongoing project in a busy household.  Yet, getting your garage in top-shape is not as hard when you have the proper tools.  In California, garage cabinets have caught the attention of large and small families alike.  They enable you to neatly keep a variety of items conveniently stored away for easy access.

Create A Workshop

Whether you are an artist, woodworker, garage machinist, or just enjoying dabbling in home projects, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having a garage workshop.  Instead of spending precious time looking for the right tools before you get started, you can store everything in an organized fashion at your workshop.  Garage cabinets arranged around your work area will help you to keep your tools safe (especially if other family members have the tendency to use your tools).

Organize Family Common Storage

A garage can really become a mess when there is not a specific place to put things that are left in it.  Garage cabinets solve this problem.  Toys, bikes, sports items, shoes, and raingear is easily stored in space-saving bins, hooks, and shelving.

Man Cave

The ultimate man cave is a treasure to most men.  You could create one in the garage based on any of the hobbies or interests of the man of the house.

Need help designing or planning out an amazing garage.  We can help with that too!

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