Window treatments are perfect solutions for anyone attempting to improve the foundational decor of any room with windows.  However, were you aware that modern window treatments do much more than beautify a room?  Paper Doll Interiors is an exclusive provider of Hunter Douglas window treatments.  Here is why we’ve chosen them as a strategic partner.

Controlling Light & Privacy With Your Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas features a wide variety of window treatment.  One aspect that places them a step above the competition is the stark advancements they offer in light and privacy control.  For instance, rooms that suffer from too much sun exposure will benefit from their products with specialty fabrics that reduce light intensity and UV rays.  Spaces that need more light can utilize window treatments that amplify and channel natural light to darker areas.  Furthermore, each product provides ways to increase privacy when you desire.


Creating safe areas for children is a primary concern for anyone who has children in their home.  A 15-year study approximates that two children are injured every day from window blinds.  On average, one dies every month from window blinds.  The vast majority of these injuries and death involve window blind cords.  We are glad to provide blinds via Hunter Douglass that are cordless.

Lifetime Warranty

We have yet to come across home or business owners who look forward to replacing window treatments often.  Typically, most people will take out time and energy to purchase window treatments that they plan to have for several years (if not decades).  When we sell you a window treatment, we are proud to let you know of the product’s lifetime warranty.

Our customers seek the best when they are in the market for window treatments.  In addition to the above points, we offer window treatments that improve energy efficiency, incorporate unique designs, and make use of automation technology.  If you have questions or would like an interior design consultation, contact us today.

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