The design renovation has taken a new turn as a lot of people are now revamping industrial spaces for their own residential use. The trend is not exactly new as it was very prevalent in the 1980s.  However, its scheme has changed considerably and even unfinished elements seem to be adding to its jazz and appeal.  So, if you too want to catch up on this new trending industrial revolution design, let Paper Doll Interiors give you some assistance.  With over 25 years in the interior design industry, our team understands all the trends and how to make them effective for your space.  We have continually created awe-inspiring designs in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage or La Quinta, California.

The Blend of Modern and Natural

You can opt for an eclectic blend of fixtures and materials. This will give you an unconventional yet modern look. Further, to add that extra jazz, add a layer to it and you are done!

Choosing the Right Metals

Of course, you need to be mindful of the manufacturing metals which you are using. You can go for metals like steel, iron, brass, copper and more. Almost all kind of metals, finishing products and even other technical objects have their own role to play. So, find out the possible practical uses which they have and use them for better and improved results.

Ideally, the main underlying principle of the industrial revolution is to make sure that you allow your creativity to play with you. Go about and try new things. Your industrial space has a lot of room for experimentation. Do not make things overly complex and the idea merely is to be sure that you retain the industrial feel and drape it in a layer of sophistication that speaks of modern ideas, designs, and concepts.

Are you thinking of joining the industrial design revolution?  Give us a call!  Paper Doll Interiors can help you to design a one-of-a-kind industrial look.

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