As the seasons change, so do your bedding needs.  Most of us desire layers of blankets and pillows to offset winter chills.  Summer requires the reverse.  When clients ask us about summer bedding, they want a full gamut of options, including:

  • Style
  • Breathability
  • Texture
  • Color

At Paper Doll Interiors, we can help you all of the above.

Breathable Fabrics

Having fabrics that absorb and retain heat on your bed during summer is a great way to ruin your sleep.  Unless you enjoy sweating and having the bedding stick you at night, making use of fabrics that breathe is best.  What is breathable fabric?  Simply put, fabrics that are woven in such way to allow air to flow through them easily.  Typically, such fabrics include:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Chambray
  • Rayon
  • Blends

We have a full range of sheets, blankets, pillow covers, and other bedding accessories that breathe well.

Change Comforters

Do you like the feel of a comforter while sleeping?  Many of us do!  However, you’ll probably get suffocated under a down comforter (or similar fall/winter style comforter).  There are plenty of summer comforters that give a lightweight feel without sacrificing coolness.  Changing your comforters during the seasons is helpful in increasing their longevity and gives a new aura to your décor.  Once you step into our bedding section, you’ll be amazed at the selection of comforters we have on-hand!

Cool Colors

Sometimes looking cool is just as important feeling cool.  Lighter colors not only give an aura of lower temperatures, but they also affect temperature by reflecting light instead of absorbing it.  There is a nearly limitless way to use lighter colors to accent or compliment a bedroom.

Are you looking for new bedding for your bedroom this summer?  Visit our showroom to look through our selection of bedding material.  We’d love to show you around and assist you with your decision.

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