The overall look of your bedroom is influenced greatly by your bed.  You can see an example of this when you are on vacation.  When you step inside a luxurious hotel room, one of this first objects you’ll notice is the bed.  It is not only comfortable but, decorated in such a way to add to the experience of the room.  You do not have to go on vacation to experience this.  Instead of choosing from an endless supply of patterns and decorations available at retail bedding suppliers, have you ever considered custom bedding?  If not, you should stop by Paper Doll Interiors.  We’d love to help you put together a concept for your bedroom that you never imagined possible.

Coachella Valley Custom Bedding

One of the main statements that we hear from clients is that they trying to “create a design that pulls the room together”.  Whether it is a bedroom or another living area, they are meaning that they are trying to create a theme.  Sometimes that theme begins with the walls or floor, but it must have a foundation.  Once the foundation is set, the next problem is finding things to match, contrast, or blend.

It can be very difficult to arrive at this in a bedroom when shopping at retail stores.  Bedding is typically sold as pieces or bedding bundles.  However, they are not synced with other items such as rugs, curtains, headboards cushions, etc.  This is where customized bedding excels.  If you have a pattern that you enjoy or already have in your bedroom (like a fine curtain set), you can transfer that design to your bedding.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are wide arrays of customizations that you can make to your bedding that will “bring your room together”.

Need ideas?  That’s our specialty!  Check out our online galleries and give us a visit.  Bedroom transformations are just one of many interior design feats that we perform.

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