Light changes how our eyes perceive objects and scenes.  We could go into the science of the matter, but we’d rather invite you to see for yourself.  At our warehouse, we have a broad selection of home décor lighting options—artificial and natural.  Each style offers unique properties to your décor, so it may be advantageous to take a look at both.  Below are a few tips to get you started.

Artificial Light Sources & Decor

There are too many interior light accessories to cover in one blog.  So, we’ll cover some of the fan favorites.

  • Spot Enhancing Lights. Highlighting a selected wall art piece, a sculpture, or a furnishing can change the entire attitude of a room.  Using a spotlight to do so is a primary tool for museum curators.  Who says you can’t do the same at home?
  • Home Office Suspension Lighting. If you are one of the 8 million+ Americans that work from home, you know the value of excellent lighting.  Still, that doesn’t mean that your expanded work light source has to be utilitarian only.  It can look good.
  • Recessed Lights. Recessed lighting can go well beyond ceilings.  Small lights can illuminate staircases, bookshelves, walkways, and other points of interest in your home.

Using Natural Light for Décor

Surveys have proven that we love natural light.  California is known for having great weather and plenty of sun.  Natural lighting can change the look of a room due to the time of day or weather.  Rooms that have access to large sources of natural light can make use of window treatments.  Blinds, draperies, curtains, shades, and a host of other window tools are used by interior decorators to alter natural sunlight.  We maintain large sections of window treatments featuring just about any style you can imagine.  Check our gallery for ideas or come into our 6,000 square foot location.

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