There are marked differences between painting a room and installing wall covering. Although professional painting offers clean and beautiful bases, it cannot compare to the distinguished appearance of wall coverings. Just as paint is available in a nearly endless array of colors, the same is true of wall coverings.

However, wall coverings can implement designs of any type with multiple colors that complement décor in ways that paint could never achieve. This is why many upscale hotels, office buildings, luxury apartments and homes utilize wall coverings. Are you thinking of having wall covering installed in your home? If so, give Paper Doll Interiors a call. We have 3 decades of experience in interior design and work with the best suppliers in the industry. Our reputation is built upon excellence, friendly customer service and a meticulous eye for detail. Schedule a consultation today (760)-565-5689.

The Durability of Wall Coverings

Our installations last between 15 to 20 years. Typically, home owners find that should repaint the interior of their home every 5 to 8 years. Consequently, a great wall covering installation can last at least 3 times as long as wall paint and as much as 5 times as long. In comparison to paint, wall coverings are far easier to clean. A small sponge can remove marks without disrupting the design or fabric of the wall covering. Conversely, paint tends to dull or smear when cleaned and often requires repainting to cover over blemishes. Wall coverings are also more durable to high traffic and touch.

Why Choose Paper Doll Interiors?

We have a unique understanding of wall coverings that goes beyond installation. Our team can help you select wallpapers that transform the aura of a room and complement its décor. We’ve worked with thousands of home owners and businesses over the years. Would love to work with you as well. Visit our site and take a look around our gallery of work.