Decorating windows are a specialty at Paper Doll Interiors.  Our 6,000 square foot showroom features thousands of curtains and specialty fabrics (that can be customized for curtains).  However, before you jump into your curtain project, there are a few pitfalls that you should avoid.  Doing so will make your design experience more pleasant and help you to avoid wasting time and money.

Measure Twice

Acquiring the correct measurement for your windows will lay the foundation for your project.  A measurement mistake leads to time and energy spent making adjustments.  It is a good idea to note how you want to hand the curtains and log the exact measurement.  Check your measurement by doing it again or having someone else take it and comparing it to your own.

Correct Mounting Height

Instead of hanging curtains right over a window, consider hanging them from slightly beneath the ceiling.  Curtains hung this way conveys a taller aura to the room and the illusion of a large window.

Proper Curtain Length & Width

An accurate measurement will give you the length that is necessary for your curtains.  The common rend is to have curtains that either barely touches the floor or drag slightly.  As for width, each panel of the curtain should be at least wide enough to cover the entire window (more is better).  All of the extra fabric gives body (or fullness) to the curtains.

In the coming months, we’ll offer a downloadable guide on this blog and Facebook about hanging curtains step by step.  Of course, if you’d like for our team to handle a curtain installation for you we’d be glad to do so.

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